I Needed a Divorce Lawyer

When I found out my husband was cheating on me, he begged me for forgiveness. That was easy enough to do because I still loved him and wanted us to be a family. We have four children, and I knew that our marriage was worth fighting for. When I caught him cheating the second time, with another woman, I knew that my marriage was over. I could forgive him once, but forgiving him a second time was just not as easy. I contacted Eric M. Willie, P.C. after talking with my best friend about this.

She told me that he is the lawyer who handled her sister’s divorce. There were children involved in that one too, and her lawyer had made sure that my friend’s sister was not left stranded. He got her a very nice settlement in the divorce along with a custody arrangement that she was able to accept. I knew that no matter what faults he may have had as a husband that he was still a great father. I did not want to stop the kids from having a relationship with him, but I also knew that I was going to be their primary parent.

Because of this, and their young ages, I would need to have child support. I had never worked outside the home because I had been busy taking care of my husband and children. He climbed the corporate ladder quickly and we had always had an extremely comfortable lifestyle. Thankfully, he did not choose to fight me on anything. I was able to keep the house along with a gracious child support check each month that is more than what I expected. My lawyer was able to wrap everything up quickly, which was another blessing. The funny thing is that my ex and I are getting on better now than we did when we were married!